Executive Council


Laney Granito

Major/Year: Dance Management, Senior

Hometown: Denver, CO

What you love most about being President: Serving as the chapter President has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life this far. The opportunity to lead alongside my sisters, empower young women, and strive towards a brighter future are just a few aspects of what I love as President. This position creates the opportunity to empower other sisters to believe in their fullest potential and become their most confident self.

What you love most about Gamma Phi Beta: Gamma Phi Beta has gifted me with some of the truest friendships of my life. This sisterhood is so incredibly loving and supportive, and I am constantly pushed to be the greatest version of myself. Being a member of Gamma Phi Beta has meant being constantly surrounded by the most confident women of character, who inspire and empower me every day. The heart of a Gamma Phi Beta, of my sisters, is what I love most. 

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