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© 2018 by Gamma Phi Beta alumna Lauren Urso

Executive Council

Laney Granito,


Major/Year: Dance Management, Junior

Hometown: Denver, CO

What you love most about being President: Serving as the chapter President has been one of the greatest opportunities of my life this far. The opportunity to lead alongside my sisters, empower young women, and strive towards a brighter future are just a few aspects of what I love as President. This position creates the opportunity to empower other sisters to believe in their fullest potential and become their most confident self.

What you love most about Gamma Phi Beta: Gamma Phi Beta has gifted me with some of the truest friendships of my life. This sisterhood is so incredibly loving and supportive, and I am constantly pushed to be the greatest version of myself. Being a member of Gamma Phi Beta has meant being constantly surrounded by the most confident women of character, who inspire and empower me every day. The heart of a Gamma Phi Beta, of my sisters, is what I love most. 

Madison Waller, 

Administrative Vice President 

Major/Year: Youth Ministry/Religious Education with a minor in Psychology, Junior

Hometown: Piedmont, OK

What you love most about being AVP: I love serving as the Administrative Vice President because I am able to ensure that the chapter is organized and sustainable. This helps us to maintain a community of passionate, driven sisters for years to come. 

What you love most about Gamma Phi Beta: What I love most about Gamma Phi Beta is how our philanthropy encourages us to serve and empower young women. This also translates to how we all treat each other, with genuine love and kindness that has helped me to find my home in Gamma Phi Beta.

Mia Sherlock, 

Education Vice President

Major/Year: Dance Management, Sophomore 

Hometown: Omaha, NE 

What I love most being EVP: I love serving the chapter as EVP because of the incredible bond I get to see forming between members and encouraging my sisters to enrich their lives through education. Having the privilege to oversee our educational opportunities, as well as instill the importance of our rituals, traditions, and history is so special! We have such a rich history as a sorority, and I love being a leader who enables the chapter to learn more about what it means to be a Gamma Phi Beta and what it means to be a confident woman of character! 

What I love most about Gamma Phi Beta: This organization of full of authentic love and support. I am constantly being inspired and uplifted by my sisters, and these women have truly become my family. Gamma Phi Beta is constantly pushing me to be the best version of myself by giving me the opportunity for leadership, love, growth, and knowledge!


Financial Vice President

Major: Acting, Sophomore

Hometown: Kansas City, KS

What you love most about being FVP: I extremely passionate about ensuring that this chapter remains in healthy financial standing. I addition, I am excited to educate the women in our chapter in maintaining healthy personal finances to ensure a financially stable future.

What you love most about Gamma Phi Beta: Gamma Phi Beta is my home, and I have built some incredibly unique relationships with the women in this house. I am so excited to serve the Beta Omicron chapter as FVP for this term.

Andie Sheppard Mcdermott, 

Panhellenic affairs

vice President 

Major/Year: Psychology Major and Child Advocacy Minor, Sophomore

Hometown: Midwest City, OK

What you love most about being PAVP: Serving as PAVP, I am able to help create an empowered community amongst all organizations on campus! I am so glad that Gamma Phi Beta: Beta Omicron is able to contribute  to our mission of Building Strong Girls on and off campus.

What you love most about Gamma Phi Beta: Since joining Gamma Phi Beta, I have learned what it means to have True and Constant relationships in my life. My sisters are the truly the most driven women I know, inspiring me daily.

Evan Rolls, 

Public Relations

Vice President

Major/Year: Psychology, Junior

Hometown: Stillwater, OK

What you love most about being PRVP: I am honored that I have the opportunity to serve my chapter as PRVP. This position allows me to get to work directly with our philanthropy which is one of the most important parts of our chapter. Something really special about our philanthropy is that it is proactive instead of reactive, which allows girls to learn to love themselves and be confident from a young age. I love to get to oversee events planned in our chapter that allow my sisters to grow and spend time with one another. This position has allowed me showcase the Beta Omicron women and their beliefs through our branding and marketing.

What you love about Gamma Phi Beta: I love Gamma Phi Beta because through this organization I have found a home that allows me to grow and be myself. I have become a confident woman of character who welcomes challenges and leadership into my life. I have never been surrounded by so many women who i look up to and who inspire me everyday. 

Claire Griese, 

Membership Vice President


Major/Year: Dance Management, Junior

Hometown: Chantilly, VA

What you love most about being MVP: Serving as the Membership Vice President allows me to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood within our chapter and remind members what it means to be Gamma Phi.  I am honored to lead our chapter in welcoming a new group of women into this phenomenal sisterhood. 

What you love about Gamma Phi Beta: Our philanthropy! The platform of Building Strong Girls has empowered me to become a confident woman of character and develop a passion for supporting women both in this sisterhood and in various communities.